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My Favorite Parts of Paris

My Favorite Parts of Paris

Hello friends! This past week I visited Paris for the first time. Even though we only stayed for four days, it was long enough for me to fall in love with the city. Seriously, I'm already having withdrawals. I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite parts of this trip, granted most of it is food because I ate A LOT, but who can blame me? Paris has some of the most amazing food! Plus it was freeeeeezing outside so I didn't get to do as much touristy stuff as I would have otherwise. Also! This is my first blog post which is very fun. Ok onto my trip to Paris!

My Favorite Parts of Paris

The Sunsets

Our first stop when we got to Paris was The Louvre art museum, and as amazing the art we got to see was, including the famous Mona Lisa, one of the most beautiful things I saw was when we first walked out of the building. I got to see my first Parisian sunset. I remember leaving LA and thinking about how much i'd miss the pink and purple sunsets while I was in Europe, but Paris cast all my worries away by showing me some of the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen in my life. Just close your eyes and picture a pink and purple skyline with the outline of the eiffel tower resting in between statuettes and trees. I don't think I'll ever get over it


Speaking of statuettes, I never realized how many beautiful statues were spread throughout Paris. They're displayed on their own, on bridges, and even lining the outsides of buildings. The time and effort put into all of the buildings in Paris is easy to see, and it's just breathtaking to look at. I barely got any pictures because I was so in awe of everything around me. But I think that gives me another good reason to go back one day! On our second to last day we took the elevators up to the summit of the Eiffel Tower which gave us an incredible view of the city and all her beauty. The only reason the Eiffel Tower view isn't it's own favorite on here is because I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest as it was insanely cold and windy up there (it snowed the next day!) but I could still easily appreciate how wonderful the view was.

Notre Dame

Out of all the beautiful architecture I saw, Notre Dame Cathedral was definitely my favorite. Did you know it took about 180 years to finish building? I don't know about you, but I find that incredible. Not only is the outside of the iconic cathedral gorgeous, the high ceilings and light coming through the purple stained glass windows from the inside were the cherry on top. I'll be sure to include a few pictures in the photo gallery below, but you just don't get the full effect through pictures. It was stunning.

Musée des Arts Forains

Possibly the most fun thing I did on this trip. Musée des Arts Forains is a collection museum. An actor and antique dealer named Jean-Paul Favand has a collection of fair/carnival type objects and puts them on display here. On top of some pretty incredible displays, including a big paper mâché elephant, organs that seemed like giant music boxes, and some of Josephine Baker's personal costumes, he's also collected old carnival games that you're allowed to play! We got to play one of those horse race games that works similar to skee-ball. At one point we even got to dance in a ball room to old music playing from an organ. Our tour was mainly in French, but we had a very sweet guide who would explain things to us in English after his big speeches. The thing that took our experience above and beyond was being able to ride the bicycle merry-go-round that you make move yourself. There's only two of them in the whole world, so not only was it super fun to ride, it felt super special! This whole place felt magical and I really loved the feeling of being there.


If it hadn't been so cold I probably would have been able to walk to every single place we went. There are so many little shops, passageways, and darling little streets that make you feel like you're in a movie. Walking around and checking out all the little stores is so fun. On our last day we found a cute little chocolate shop called Bonnat where all the chocolate is straight bean to bar and most of their chocolate is made without milk, and barely any added sugar, which was very cool and the chocolate was amazing. As great as the chocolates were, my favorite thing I bought were my handmade Berets, I never realized how much I like Berets?? They're so cute and warm I love them. I may or may not have gotten three.


Ok, onto what I feel like I spent most of my time doing. Eating. The food in Paris is beyond amazing and I found some of my favorite places ever in this city!


Taillevent was a super fancy fine dining restaurant and oh my god. This was the BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD. I'm not over exaggerating, it really was incredible. Nothing about it wasn't delicious and perfectly made. Some highlights from this perfect meal was the lobster "sausage" with fennel and lobster bisque, frog legs in spelt risotto, candied almond crusted veal with yummy little veggie sides, my first ever cheese course. I had so much fun picking cheese. The fig bread that came with the cheese, the citrus foam ice cream thing, the mini sweets that came to end the meal and OH MY GOD THIS FOOD WAS ALL SO GOOD I CAN'T DEAL. I'll put pictures in the gallery below if you're interested cause DAMN. I'm still in shock

Le Soufflé

While in Paris I wanted to try an authentic Soufflé. We went to Le Soufflé one day for lunch and got a brie cheese and pear soufflé with a similarly stuffed mini crepe, a cheese soufflé, and a chocolate soufflé. THIS IS WHAT SOUFFLÉ IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE. Everything about it was yummy. Our starter had the perfect balance of strong cheese and sweet fruit, the cheese soufflé had the perfect flavor, and our chocolate soufflé was so delicious. I still can't get over how light and airy these soufflé's were you guys, it was so good. I'm definitely coming back here when I next find myself in Paris.

Mariage Frères

If you know me you'll know i'm addicted to tea. I love tea so so much and I drink it at least once a day. This tea place treats tea like it's an art and uses it in everything they do. On top of having over 600 different teas, each tea I got to drink was amazing, they have a little restaurant type tea room. Here they serve food and desserts that are infused with tea. THAT'S RIGHT they infuse tea into food and dessert. If that isn't a dream come true for me I don't know what is. On our last day we went to brunch there and I got some matcha salmon, black tea creme brûlée, and green tea and rose pound cake. Then we took some smaller goodies to go for the plane ride. Everything paired so well with the tea it was infused with and i'm just so so obsessed with this place you have no idea. They don't have any locations outside of Europe and Japan, thus i'm very sad I won't be able to go back to this place anytime soon. I already miss it!

Honorable mentions

Even though the top three places listed above were my absolute favorites, I feel like i'd be doing the other places we went to an injustice by not listing them somewhere because they all had super yummy foods.

  • Le Chalet. We found this place on our first night. We were craving crêpes and dessert and found this Swiss chalet styled crêperie that made me feel super warm and cozy. The salted caramel crêpe we had was so good that we wanted to come back and try more of their things, but we unfortunately only had so much space in our stomachs
  • Le Grand Restaurant. The other fine dining restaurant we went to. Le Grand Restaurant serves you so many little dishes to try it's insane. It's the biggest meal I think i've ever had and it was so much fun! I loved not knowing what was going to come out next and we had some pretty awesome food
  • Le Coq Rico. This is a rotisserie chicken restaurant, because apparently rotisserie chicken is a big thing in Paris which I never knew. This was the first restaurant we ate at and it did not disappoint. We got to sit at the counter and watch the chefs put the finishing touches on dishes and even got to interact with them a bit which was very cool! My favorite thing I ate here was a black truffle egg with little black truffle toasts. Also we had some great vegetables on the side of our super moist chicken. Such great veggies. How??
  • Paul. We had breakfast here one day and I got to try an authentic Pain Au Rasin and it was so so good.
  • Ladurèe. I've always loved Ladurée but I surprisingly liked some of the things at the one in LA better than here! That said we did have some great desserts, good french fries, and of course fancy tea

I don't know what else to say about my trip to Paris except it was all I could have ever hoped for, and I still find myself dreaming about it. I already miss it so much and I cannot wait to go back again one day. I'm just praying it's sooner than later!

Below is a small gallery of pictures from the trip! Just tap the picture to the right to see the next one :) Food pics included of course.


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