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My Month in Rome

My Month in Rome

Besides my four perfect days in Paris, i've been spending the month visiting my Grandparents in Rome. Now, I'm going to say something that's going to make me sound super spoiled but it's the truth! I'm not a fan of Rome. Don't get me wrong the people here are extremely nice, I love Italians! And i'd probably love other parts of Italy as well, but Rome just isn't my cup of tea. But seeing my Grandparents is nice, and in the end we're here for them, not the city. Since I'm in Rome a whole month, which is a long time, I decided I wanted to chronicle my experience. How i've been exercising, things I do like, my favorite restaurants etc. I think this will be a good way for me to have something to look back on one day to remember this trip, and help me focus on the positive parts of being here!


Since i'm doing BBG it's a lot easier to schedule out my weekly workouts. I found a little gym near my grandparents apartment, and though it's not the cleanest, it definitely helps me get the job done. Cardio has been a lot harder for me here since I don't have hot yoga, soul cycle, or hoop, but we do go on walks and i've been using the treadmills at the gym to jog. I think it's good i've been jogging more than i'm used to, it's building up my stamina for when I get back home!

As I currently write this paragraph I unfortunately have a cold. So even though I managed a little 25 minute jog yesterday, I couldn't do the resistance training I was planning on this morning due to the fact that my whole head feels congested. Seeing as a lot more of my family is in town now and this side of it loves to go out to eat, which I'm not complaining about by any means, I hate that I'm feeling so down and can't work out in the morning! I'm hoping I can kick this soon that way I can go back to feeling better in general and fitness wise, so I feel like i'm doing something healthy in between all of the nightly food adventures! 

Piazza De Spagna

One of the places I enjoy the most in Rome is Piazza De Spagna. It's a pretty touristy area I will admit but it's still my favorite. The ground here is completely cobblestone like a lot of places in Rome, which is one of the things I do love. There's tons of shops and restaurants and it's just a great place to walk around and window shop or grab a bite somewhere!

Favorite Food

If i'm being honest the food in Rome isn't my favorite thing. I often find that even when things do taste good, i've always had something way better somewhere else, plus everything just feels too heavy to me here, even vegetables sometimes have mountains of oil on them! With that being said, I have managed to find a few places I like, and two I even love. I think i'll tell you about the ones I love first.

Osteria Da Fortunata

A few days ago my mom and I decided to take an hour walk from our apartment to a little gelato place. Once we had about 10 minutes left to go on our quest there, we made lots of stops, we realized we were both hungry and wanted some solid food before dessert. As it was five o'clock we were worried we wouldn't be able to find anywhere good to as most all places. excluding touristy ones, close between lunch and dinner, similar to France. Then we walked by a place that looked crazy familiar to me, and i realized that it was the pasta places two YouTubers Simon and Martina had said was one their favorite finds while they were in Rome. We went to check it out and found out they were open all day! Inside the restaurant you can see ladies hand rolling and cutting the pasta right in front of you before it gets taken back to the kitchen! It doesn't get much fresher than that, and I had never had pasta that fresh before! I ordered some thick pasta with pecorino cheese, bacon, and squash blossoms and holy crap it was amazing. To me it was the definition of comfort food, not only did it taste great, my whole being felt warm inside and out. We loved this place so much that we're planning on taking the rest of our family there for a big dinner soon! 


We went to quite a few fancy restaurants when we were in Rome but none of them were even comparable to Hi-Res. The food here was absolutely amazing and felt more like something I'd find in Paris rather than Rome! The next time I find myself in Rome, this place and Osteria Da Fortunata are going to be at the top of my list of places I want to go back to

Other Good Food Places

Restaurante Garigliano is a Sardinian place close to my grandparents apartment. Everyone who works here is extremely nice and the fish is so fresh and yummy! I went here three times during my stay!

Pasticcerie Grué. Another place near my grandparents. This isn't a restaurant as much as it is a dessert shop or Patisserie. They make amazing chocolate here plus some pretty darn good desserts. We got my aunt a cute zebra made out of chocolate for her birthday here and it was so good.

Babingtons Tea Room. My family has been coming to this tea room ever since it opened, which was 125 years ago! It's an adorable tea room with some pretty good food. And I just love being around tea so I was always happy whenever we'd go here!

Roasted Chestnuts. One of the few things I love about rome is this classic winter street food. There's people all over who sell fresh roasted chestnuts and they're the best chestnuts you will ever have I swear. Lightly sweet and toasty warm, they're the perfect chilly day snack.

Little Things I've Done

While I've been here since I've been spending most of my time with family I haven't really done much. Last time I was here we did all of the touristy stuff like the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain etc. The only thing we didn't do was see the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel which interested me. So that was what we did this time around! The Sistine Chapel was amazing to see and i'm glad I finally got to go to the Vatican! Last time we were in Rome the pope resigned so it was crazy busy over there and we decided not to go over, but since the current pope hasn't shown any signs of resigning we were good to go! 

While we were in Paris I bought a copy of The Little Prince. A book i've always wanted to read but  never got around to. But today, i'm happy to say, I sat down and read it! I absolutely loved this book and i'm already ready to re-read it! It definitely helped sickly me feel a lot better. Well, mood wise. I still feel crazy groggy. 

This isn't really a fun story or anything but during our first week here I had to get my passport renewed since we were told it expired when we tried to check into our flight back in LA, oops. I find it funny that I had to renew my passport in Italy because we had to do the exact same thing the last time we were here, it's like a tradition now! The good news is my passports all set for 10 years now, but how crazy would it be if in 10 years I find myself needing to renew it Rome again?

End of the Month

Overall my favorite part of this trip was spending time with family. I got to meet family members I never had before and have some good meals with them. I got to play games with my Grandma and walk to coffee shops with my Grandpa. Enjoying everyones company was what it was all about and it was definitely the highlight of my trip.


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