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Trying Prose Hair Care

Trying Prose Hair Care

Recently, I came across another one of those personalized beauty care companies online. I find the quizzes and such you take to get your results fun and I often take them just to see what my results are for shits and giggles and then continue on with my day. When I went to take the "quiz" for this hair care company though, I found it went way more in depth and wanted to check it out more. It was a hair company called Prose that sends you personalized hair care that includes a hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner. Up until now I've been using Function of Beauty hair care, which is another personalized hair company. It's been working pretty well, but I felt like Prose really went in depth and I had to try it out. Their quiz is more like a mini consultation and they take into account so many things that other personalized hair care I've looked at hasn't. For example they have you compare the thickness of a strand of your hair to a piece of thread, tell them how much hair shows up in your hand when you run your hands through it, and even tell them where in the world you live so they can see how the weather will be effecting your hair! Their products are already cruelty-free, sulfate free, paraben free, dye free and more. But on top of that you can make it silicon free and vegan as well. Another thing that made me interested is that a lot of their ingredients are flown in from around the world and they ship them to the US to make your products. The scents you get to chose from are also made in Paris which made my wanna be Parisian ass super excited. The scent I chose is Lychee Rose!

I decided that I'm going to try out the hair care they've made for me and do it exactly as they say for a week and let you know how it works! 

Opening The Box and Getting Started

The packaging is minimalistic and pretty; the box is also 100% recycled which I'm here for! My package also contained a little pamphlet that showed me my diagnostics from when I did the online consultation, an explanation of each ingredient in my products and what their purpose is, and a hair routine that includes how often to use the products, how much to use, and how to use them. The routine they gave me is to use a quarter size of my mask once a week before I shower, and to use 5 pumps of shampoo and 4 pumps condition every 2 days.

You get to prioritize your hair goals out of 4, so my hair goals were Volume 4/4, Smooth 1/4, Curl Definition 1/4, Shine 3/4. I may change this up in the future but for now I'm excited to see if it helps me with my volume and shine!

The products themselves, besides the mask, seem a bit small to me but I have a feeling since the consultation asked where I'll be living the next three months that that's how long they're supposed to last. The Lychee Rose smell is really nice. In the conditioner and mask it's a tad bit perfumey, but I think it'll leave a really nice scent once it's in my hair so we'll see!

Monday-First Wash

I decided to start on a Monday since it's the beginning of the week and I'll easily be able to tell you the difference an week makes! I also decided I'm going to have the first day of the week and first wash be when I use the mask, so we're gonna start with that! 

I just did my hair mask and am letting it sit in my hair for 15 minutes. I will say, having to wet my hair first was a bit annoying but as I'm only supposed to do it once a week it isn't the worst thing. During my 15 minutes I also put the pumps in the shampoo and conditioner bottles and as random as it sounds I like these pumps a lot more than the ones from Function of Beauty. Traveling with my Function of Beauty bottles, I had to pump out anything left in the pump and press down and twist until it was locked, and it sometimes wouldn't lock when I let go and then I'd have to start all over. But with Prose's pumps you simply turn it left or right to open or stop it which would make traveling with them a whole lot easier! 

Just got out of the shower and I've already noticed a few differences compared to Function of Beauty. First off my hair wasn't nearly as soft in the shower after I conditioned as it usually is when I use FoB, maybe there's silicon in my FoB stuff and I never realized? Another thing is that the products slightly burned my skin but there's no visible signs of irritation and it was really minor so I'm not too worried about it. It was also a little harder to actually feel the product but I'm sure I got it throughout all my hair none the less. Now we wait for it to dry and see if we see anything else!

First day after I washed my hair and I already got two compliments from my family about how good my hair smells! As well as today I got told I had "mermaid hair" which I take as a compliment. I don't know if that's because of the products or because I let my hair do it's natural beachy thing, but it looks better to me and it feels lighter. Plus I've noticed way strands less falling out throughout the day! 

Wednesday-Second Wash

The only main difference between the first and second wash was that my hair felt softer in the shower and the products didn't burn my skin at all, so maybe Monday there was something else bothering me? I'm really liking my hair! It's still light and I'm enjoying the natural beach-ness I'm getting that doesn't look like one big mass of hair! Another plus? I got another compliment on the smell of my hair! Also my mom and best friend both asked me to send them the link so they can try Prose themselves!

Friday-Third Wash

Since I workout and my hair can get a little sweaty, I totally see why they have me washing every two days, it keeps my hair from feeling weighted and greasy. The products also haven't burned my skin again so I have a feeling that was something else that day.

Sunday-Last Wash

I'm starting to really enjoy the feeling of shampooing??? Is that normal? No major changes from my last wash otherwise!

Final Thoughts

I'm really enjoying my hair with it dried naturally now! I usually don't like the way it looks when I let my hair air dry, but I swear Prose has gotten rid of almost everything that I didn't like about my natural hair! The frizz has gone down, it no longer looks like one big mass so there's more definition in each little wave of hair, it's shinier, and the areas of hair around my face that are usually super flat are acting like they do when I get a blow-out which is awesome! I gotta say I'm really loving my hair and I'm gonna stick with the products for a while! I'm not going to be in the same place for the next three months like I told the survey I was going to be, so I'm not sure how different it'll be for my hair once I'm in the east coast. Maybe I'll just look up a different hair product I can take with me to help with all the humidity that makes my hair look like a big pygmy puff.


I'm not sure how I felt about this post but I thought I'd try out a product review since I'm still exploring different things to post! Thanks for bearing with me ;)

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