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Favorite Foodie Spots in...Seattle!

Favorite Foodie Spots in...Seattle!

Last summer my mom and I decided to head to Seattle for a few days since we’d never been, and of course I managed to find some incredible food! Seattle has an amazing food scene and obviously a great farmers market (Pike Place is actually the best.)

This year we went up to Seattle to go see My Favorite Murder live (it’s a great podcast, you should check it out) and I found even more food that I loved, and even got to re-visit some of my favorite places from last time! I also fell in love with Otters on this trip, they have some adorable ones that I could watch for hours and hours at the aquarium. I highly suggest paying them a visit.

Below i’ve made a list of all my favorite food places I’ve found in Seattle so far that you can check out if you’re interested in what yumminess Seattle has to offer!

Moore Coffee

I kid you not, this past trip to Seattle we stayed in the Moore hotel mainly because we knew Moore Coffee would be right downstairs. This place makes some of the best tea lattes, my favorite being the black tea latte, and to top it all off they do latte art of little animals on all of their drinks which makes it even more fun. Moore Coffee shop also makes some incredible made to order waffles. Incredible. They’re honestly the best waffles i’ve had and I wish I could try every single sweet and savory one that they have. I’ve seriously considered petitioning for them to open a shop in LA, that’s how much I love this place.

Elleno’s Greek Yogurt

If you’ve ever been to Seattle or looked it up this place probably came up. It’s an extremely popular homemade greek yogurt shop in Pike Place Market, and for very good reason! The greek yogurt is like a dessert I swear. My favorite flavors they sell at the market are Chai and Marionberry Pie. They have plain Marionberry too but the pie one has pie crust in it sooooo it’s better.

The Crumpet Shop

This is a spot we tried on my most recent trip to Seattle and they made the best crumpets i’ve ever had. You can watch them make the crumpets in store and they sell them with a bunch of different sweet and savory toppings. Plus the crumpets are organic which is harder to find than you’d think! I’d definitely come back here and will probably buy some crumpets to take home next time!

Oriental Mart

On our first trip to Seattle we took a food tour through Pike Place and this is one of the places they took us to! They make some crazy good Longanisa. Get it. You’ll be happy

Shaker + Spear

This is another new place we tried and i’m so glad we did! This sit down restaurant is a super fun place to come for dinner and the food is great. I got a whole fried snapper and holy shit, it was probably the best fish dish i’ve ever had at a restaurant! This is another place i’d come back to!

Honorable Mentions

Seattle has so much great food and i’m sure if I ever go back i’ll manage to find more favorites, but at the moment these are mine! Plus a few others that are definitely worth a try. And those are…

Chuckar Cherries You can actually order these online or get them at airports in Seattle and Oregon! Besides the cherries the honey pecans are the best things ever.

The Pink Door Solid Italian food

Beecher’s cheese It’s iconic in Seattle, you have to try it at least once

Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream Come here for fun + great dessert

Alrighty, thanks for reading through yet another post about my love for food. Stay tuned for more in the future!

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