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The Town That Feels Like a Hug For Your Heart

Throughout my childhood I'd constantly day dream about bringing friends out to Marion to show them this incredible town. I wanted to share it with people so they could hopefully, like me, see how beautiful it is. I think finding a place that feels like a deep breath is therapeutic. And I believe if you want it, that place will find you.

My YogaSculpt Teacher Training Journey

The great thing about teacher training is your goal doesn't have to be that you want to become a teacher, it's a great learning opportunity if you love a form of yoga and want to learn more about it. So, I decided to enroll in training to deepen my own practice, make a hobby I loved a bigger part of my life, and potentially be able to teach said loved hobby to others in the future!

My Month in Rome

Besides my four perfect days in Paris, i've been, and will be, spending the month visiting my Grandparents in Rome. I decided I wanted to chronicle my current experience here. How i've been exercising, things I do like, my most frequent restaurants etc.